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Sebring PCA Race 2018

Sebring PCA Club Race 2018

When its cold up here in CNY it doesn’t take much of an excuse to go somewhere warm….So when the combination one of the largest PCA club races in the country at Sebring and (with a little arm twisting) a flight down in fellow CNY member’s (Dave Tagg) private plane it seemed like a great plan!

6 hours at close to 200mph powered by a air cooled flat six got us in the mood to watch some Porsches…

CNY member Gene Raymondi was racing in his E class Boxster, looking good as always! Gene has had quite a few successful seasons finishing in the top 5 of the country.

Here is Gene making a pass under braking and making it stick!

And then there was a 911 cup car taking an ‘experimental’ line!

here is an interesting view of the Sarasota area!

and finally the view arriving back in CNY at sunset….great weekend trip!