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CNY PCA Elections

The nomination process:

Section 1 – Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the most recent available Past Presidents in reverse order of their presidency whose membership is in good standing with the Club. The Chairperson of the committee shall be the Immediate Past President or if not available, the most current Past President. The committee shall consist of 5 persons, the Chairperson, the Member at Large from the Board of Directors, and the three most recent available Past Presidents.  The Nominating Committee shall convene during the fourth month prior to the annual meeting of any election year and by the first day of the second month prior to the annual meeting of such year, the Nominating Committee Chairperson shall submit to the Secretary of the Club the slate of candidates nominated to stand for election as officials of the Club.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one Member as a candidate for each of the elective offices of the Club.  The Nominating Committee may not nominate another member of the Nominating Committee without such Member recusing themselves from the Committee for the review process of that Member for nomination.  Any person nominated by the Nominating Committee must be a Member in good standing of the Club and must indicate in writing, that he/she is willing to serve in the position for which they are nominated.

Section 2 – Nominations by the Members

Members of any category in good standing may recommend up to two candidates, including themselves or other Members of any category, as candidates for any office, to the Nominating Committee.  Such recommendations must be submitted to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee in writing and must include the Member’s signature and printed name, and must be received by the Chairman by the first day of the month four months prior to the annual meeting.  Such recommendation shall include the name of the potential candidate, their complete contact information and a signed statement that they are willing to serve.

Section 3 – Notice of Elections

The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall notify the Secretary or their designee of the recommended slate of candidates, who in turn shall publish a notice of election containing the names of all nominees for office by any communication means deemed appropriate and on the Club’s website in any election year.  The notice of election shall set a return date for the mailed or electronic ballot, which shall be not less than 14 days and no more than 30 days before the date of the Annual Meeting.

Section 4 – Ballots

Balloting can be sent to the club in either paper or electronic form and returned to the Secretary, either by removing the Ballot insert from the Club’s newsletter, reprinting it from the website or returning it via e-mail or other available electronic means.  Votes shall be cast indicating the Member’s choice of candidates and the offices for which they stand, and must be signed by the Member with their member number. The ballot shall provide a space for the vote of the Member including the Member’s PCA Member Number.  All ballots shall be sent to the Secretary and must be received no later than the date set forth in the notice of election.  The Secretary and the Member at Large will jointly tally the votes.

Section 5 – Elections

The November Annual Meeting is designated as the meeting at which the announcement of the results of election of Officials of the Club will take place.  The time and place of the Annual Meeting shall be set by the Board of Directors and notice shall be given to all Members by means of publication in the Club’s newsletter, by posting on the Club’s website and/or by email.   The Nominating Committee Chairperson, or their designee, shall preside over the election and voting process and the Secretary will announce the results at the Annual Meeting.