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CNY History

In the year 1957 several enthusiastic Porsche drivers in the Central New York area combined forces and began to lay the groundwork for a new and very elite organization.  Elite because Porsches had only been in America since 1950 and there were only a handful of them on the roads.  Banding together seemed like a wise idea.  Obviously for the sake of camaraderie, but also for the advice and assistance a fellow owner might provide about these strange little newcomers!

Dorothy and Clarence Rutbell, Max Bunnell, and several others prepared the Charter proposal.  An official Porsche Club of America Charter was granted to Central New York Region on August 24, 1957.  CNY was the third region chartered.  The national organization had been established in the Washington D.C. area in 1955.  And so, the CNY Region was off and running with a handful of members.

Today, some 50 years later, the tradition is strong.  CNY has 580 plus members and ranges geographically from Canada to Pennsylvania.  We are a close-knit group which, as our predecessors did, relies on and involves our fellow members on a regional, zone and national basis for assistance, advice and fellowship.

The Rutbells – left to right – Margie, Clarence and Dorothy with their 1954 Continental Coupe