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Attention CNY PCA club members:

We need your non-profit Charity group or organization nominations!!

Current club members should submit their nomination for a local charity and/or non-profit organization or group for consideration via the form located on our club web site.

The Charity Committee will review and select a charitable organization from within the member submitted forms. The deadline to propose a nomination is November 31. The announcement of the chosen Charity is planned for the January planning meeting.

Monies or goods generated through various club sponsored activities and/or fund raisers will then be donated to the chosen charitable organization throughout the two year term.

For further information regarding the charity committee charter and/or the nomination process and criteria, go to the CNYPCA web site under the heading of “More Links” and click on Charity Submission.

We appreciate and look forward to your participation for another successful term.

Thank you.

The Charity Committee