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Latest in Past CNY Events

First Friday in Binghamton

Some nice pictures from the first Friday event in Binghamton.

Thank You To Dina Layish & Jill Vasina in Two Weeks They Put Together An Unbelievable Event First Friday in Downtown

CNY at NY Safety Track – Dine & Drive

Here are some great pics from this past weekends Dine & Drive event at the NY Safety Track.

Thanks to Tom Stantz and the Lermans for some great pics!

Results from Eurocar 2019


Eurocar 2019 was very British as it rained all day. The attendance was less than half that of last year with only ten Porsches on the show field. Porsches won the following awards:


Air-cooled Porsches- 1st place, Brad Hall, 356


Water-cooled Porsches- 1st place, Rich Ertinger, 928

2nd place, Teddy Lough, 944

3rd place, Dick Jeffers, Boxster


Premier Concours- 2nd place, Rich Ertinger, 928


A Land-Rover and a local farmer’s tractor were needed to help several vehicles exit the field.

Cobweb Concours Results

Here are all the participants and winners for the cobweb concours


356 / 914

  1. Bill Noroski 54  356C     Second place
  2. Bill Noroski 58 356 A       First Place
  3. Jack Vasina 70 914          Third Place
  4. 61.  Tom Buswell  58 VW Bus

Late    911                             99 and up

  1. Bill Noroski 997 Club Coupe  Third Place
  2. Marc Franco 16 Turbo           Second Place
  3. Dennis Hesse 01 911 Turbo
  4. JoePatane 00 911
  5. 66. John Vose 12 911
  6. Marc Maltifano 04 Turbo
  7. David Gauthier 17 91 Carerra
  8. David Dilello 03 99 Carrera
  9. 64. Xi Yang                   18 911
  10. Kent Hubbell 09 911S
  11. Marc Maltafano 18 Targa 4S
  12. Marc Maltafano 16 GT3RS    First Place
  13. Tim Alexander       13 911 Cab 4

Early 911  up to + 1998

  1. William Kritzler 69 911
  2. David Cooley 75 911
  3. Glen George 74 911 S          Second Place
  4. Jon Layish 86 911
  5. Lola Collection 78 911 Turbo       First Place
  6. Marc Maltafano 98 911 C2S        Third Place
  7. Peter Corn               85 911 Carrera
  8. Sanjay Kanubhai 09 911 4S

968 -94- 928-924

  1. Geritt Wistrup 85 944    First Place
  2. Gil Wistrup 86 944 Turbo
  3. Art Vanore 95  968              Third Place
  4. Waly Swenton 94 968
  5. Shawn Wagoner 86 944 Turbo   Second Place

Panamera/ Macan / Cayenne

  1. Joan Warner 13 Cayenne Diesel    Second
  2. Bill Kohnke 14 Cayenne                Third
  3. Jeanette Malfitano 18 Macan First
  4. Jim Raite 17 Panamera

Boxster and Cayman

  1. Chip Morris 99 Boxster
  2. Mike Barb Sastra 13 Boxster     First
  3. Joe Whitehead 99 Boxster
  4. Dick Jeffers 01 Boxster      Co-Third
  5. Wm Wayman 13 Boxster
  6. Bob Graham 08 Boxster S
  7. Doug Schrank 16 Cayman GTS    Second
  8. Rush Pond 10 Cayman S
  9. Jim & Janice King 06 Cayman S
  10. Luke Schuon 18 Cayman
  11. Bill Peterson 06 Boxster
  12. Bob Keller 718 Cayman
  13. Bruce Donahue 16  Cayman GT4
  14. Thak Chaloemtiarana 14 Cayman
  15. 68. Terry Gilbert           06 Cayman
  16. Tyler Stevenson 02 Boxster
  17. Dave Zube 04 Boxster
  18. Jerry Jakup 99mBoxster
  19. Tony Montesano 99 Boxster
  20. Richard Blesh 07 Cayman S Co  Third
  21. Jim Dewey 06 Cayman

Pics from Cars & Coffee

Nice showing of cars at Cantech’s Cars & Coffee. I can see several members cars!!!

Detail Johnny’s Tech Session

It looks like there was a great turnout at Detail Johnny’s tech session – here are some great pics from Stephen Lerman

Eurocar 2018

Eurocar coverage news from Dick Jeffers – thanks to Dick for organizing this for our club!


Eurocar: There were 38 Porsches and 23 VWs on the field, but VW got the award for most club representatives. I think that many VWs who pre-registered did not show up. Also some PCA members probably neglected to note their club affiliation on the registration form. However, there were several Porsches that I did not identify as PCA members. Next year I will try to get PCA applications into the packets of non-members. There was a big problem with cars being put in the incorrect classes. Some Porsches even were classified as VWs! I have volunteered to review all Porsche registrations prior to next year’s event to correct this problem. The official winners list has not been published yet, but I recorded the following (names in brackets are a guess based on what I heard):


Class 14:

1st Bill Noroski 356

2nd Bob Chevako 356

3rd Peter (Korn) 356


Class 15:

1st Mark Malfitano 911 C2S

2nd Glen George 911S

3rd Gerard Reginelli 911S


Class 16:

1sr Mike (Sastra) Boxster

2nd Chad Wilcox 911 Carrera

3rd Mike (Cermo) Cayman S

Rush’s Trip to Road America


by Rush Pond

Just saying those words out loud is enough to make lots of people giddy with excitement. Now add in a few modifiers like, PCA, Road America, HPDE, Friends, and you might just shout, “SIGN ME UP!”  Well that’s what I did last year.

Each year Niagara Region PCA does a “Road Trip”. This is a trip to an HPDE at a track that is not typically traveled to due to its geographical location. Well last year the Road Trip was to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, home of the famous Road America (RA) road course. The trip was set for Labor Day weekend. The HPDE was actually a 4 day event that was being done congruently with a PCA Club Race. As impossible as this might seem, Chicago Region pulled it off flawlessly.  We all got plenty of track time and all the Club Racing went on without a hitch.  Pretty impressive.

RA is a special place for me. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and have fond memories of going to the CanAm races there with my Dad, and brothers. Later I would go there with friends from college. And later, when I got my 914-6 and joined PCA, I learned about track driving at RA. It became my “home” track. It had been a long time since I’d driven at RA so I was pumped!  Since I had driven RA many times in the past, the others in our group were kinda looking to me for advice. My advice was, “Don’t drive too fast, too fast”. That became our “mantra” for the weekend.

We were a group of seven, two of which were also Club Racers. Everyone, except for me, trailered their cars out to Road America. It was a long 15 hour trip for me. I got to the track just in time for final Tech Inspection at 6:40 pm the night before the event. (PHEW, that first beer sure tasted good!)  We rented a (VRBO) house in New Holstein for the weekend and commuted to the track.

This was considered an Advanced HPDE meaning you had to be approved as being an advanced DE driver in order to be considered for the event. Local instructors were available to show you the way around the course if you wanted a little help. But basically, we were on our own to learn how to drive the track safely.  The HPDE was held in conjunction with the PCA Club Race and spanned the full 4-days of Labor Day weekend. The weather was good (most of the time) and we learned the track quickly. We followed each other and paid attention to the lines the locals were driving. RA is a WONDERFUL track. It has every kind of challenge a road course could offer and it is huge. The course itself is over 4 miles long with 14 turns and lots of elevation changes. The track surface is smooth and well maintained. The Chicago Region members were very accommodating and friendly. The bratwurst is the best – period. We even had bratwurst breakfast sandwiches. Oh Baby!!! In the evening we dined at local restaurants and resorts which were excellent. PCA put on a great buffet on Saturday night at Seibkins Resort.

On Friday night we happened to find a shop in the Village of Elkhart Lake called The Throttle Stop. The shop had closed for the day but as we peered into the windows we could not believe our eyes. It was like looking into a museum full of exotic cars and motorcycles. We went back the next day when they were open and discovered that everything was for sale! We’re talking Porsches, BMWs, Vipers, Fords, a ’57 Corvette, Mercedes, Camaros, Jags and racks and racks of all types of motorcycles. They were all perfect and they were all for sale! (See photos) It was unbelievable that a company with all these amazing cars and motorcycles was nestled into a side street in this little Village of Elkhart Lake. What a treat for us!  Check them out at   www.thethrottlestop.com

Well we had perfect weather for 3 days. Since everyone else was pulling trailers they left on Monday morning (Labor Day) in order to get through Chicago before the holiday traffic got too bad. I elected to stay Monday and drive one or two sessions. But just as I was about to enter the track it began to rain. My rear tires were quite worn and I didn’t want to push my luck on the track so I bailed out.  My plan all along was to drive 40 minutes over to Manitowoc, WI and catch the SS Badger Car Ferry over to Ludington, MI.  Not being in a big hurry to get home and not wanting to deal with the traffic between Wisconsin and Chicago on Labor Day – my plan was to take the ferry across Lake Michigan to Ludington. It was delightful. The trip across the lake took 4 hours and was very relaxing. There was a restaurant, a bar, a (free) movie theater, a little museum, and plenty of room to move around and to sit or take a nap.  And the before you know – you’re in Michigan. I drove a few more hours, overnighted in Flint and then continued on home the next day via Canada.  A great Road Trip with a great bunch of guys.

This year the Road Trip is to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They have a road course in the infield of the main track which utilizes the front straight of the speedway.  Sounds like fun to me. I’m going and will file a trip report after I get back.













8-19-17 Autocross Results

8/13/17 autocross at Lafayette Motorsports Park

Auto X results

CNY Autocross @ Lafayette Motorsports Park

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