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CNY member Gerrit Wistrup featured in Panorama

Long time CNY member Gerrit Wistrup (son of Gill Wistrup) Porsche was featured in the February Panorama.

A great honor for his effort in restoring a 944.

914s….getting respect!!

The always affordable 914   has gotten respectable, well mostly…

Bill flogging one of his 914s at a CNY Autocross last year

For over 20 years I have been on the lookout for unloved 914’s,  dragging them home whenever I could get a bargain.  Often well south of a thousand dollars or so.  Many times the parts were used to bring my 1970 track beaten car back from the dead one more time.  Actually I’m just assembling a 3.0L 6  for my “Mrs Murphy”  and hope to take her to the Glen the first part of June. (I bent a Valve the last outing, My fault).   And last year I built a 73/74 from the bits of 14+ cars that were in the shed, which had a chassis there also.

These 914’s  have been offered for sale for years, in reasonable condition, for three to four thousand dollars on EBay and other classified spots.

The underdog 914 is rising though.   The Ebay listings I see for 1500 to 3000 are cars that I can guarantee will take 6 times those amounts to be a presentable car.  Many of the other listings appear to be above the $9000 valuation now.

Hagerty has been valuing a “good” 73 2.0L model for over $14,000 these days for some time now with the levels of Excellent and Concours above that.

Even the ‘Big Bumper’  75 2.0L model is above $14,000 , go figure.   Of  course  my 75 1.8L only rates a $10,700 value.

I had four 914’s  and let one go last fall so only 3 are left but I’m going to be interested to see just where the market will go.

I wonder what’s next to climb in value?  Maybe I should buy back that 944 I sold a few years ago. (Note from Chris White – 944s are increasing in value rapidly too! Really nice 944 turbos have hit over $50k in auction)

Bill Kohnke


AND at the TOP Valuation was a ’74  4 cyl 914 sold at the Gooding auction of Feb this year.

An Article posted by Jalopnik  By Bradley Brownell last Month Reports that during Gooding & Company’s collector car auction at Amelia Island this week, this particularly low-mile Zambezi Green 1974 Porsche 914 2.0-liter sold for a massive $93,000 hammer price. This is an unfathomable price for such a car. A well-kept 914 is an incredible car, perhaps still one of the most underrated cars of its time, but there is no universe in which it provides $93,000 of enjoyment. This inflated Porsche value madness has to end!

Yes, this is perhaps the nicest example of a 914 still in original condition. This car features just under 5000 miles on the odometer, and has been kept, until recently, in excellent condition by the Brumos collection in Florida. This car is equipped with all the right options, including rarities like front and rear sway bars, tinted glass, and the much-desired appearance package. Being a 1974 model, however, means it has the big impact bumper add-ons, which are just a bummer to look at.

There are a ton of reasons why a four-cylinder 914 should never sell for nearly a hundred grand. 914s are great cars, I’ve driven a few dozen examples, and they’re always a joy, but there are so many cars that provide a much better driving experience for less. Not to mention that there are cars that are far more rare for less cash, as Porsche and Volkswagen teamed to build over 113,000 examples of the 914-4 from 1970 to 1976. Meanwhile, only about 3300 models were built with a six-cylinder engine, so go ahead and spend crazy money on those, they’re worth it

The car was expected to sell for between $60,000 and $80,000, but the final bid soared even past the high estimate. This surprised many in the community, and will surely have traditionally frugal 914 owners thinking their heaps are worth their own weight in gold. One of the last truly affordable aircooled Porsches is about to get out of control, mark my words. This is how speculation bubbles are wrought.

Chris White’s 968 Project

Those that know me know I tend to get a little carried away with Porsche projects – and in this case I suppose I have to agree with them! I happen to really like cabriolets, there is something about the top down driving that I really enjoy. I have had several different cabs and the current Porsche I have is 1994 968 cab. It’s a fairly uncommon model, for the entire 968 model run only 4665 were imported to the US and Canada and less than half of those were cabs.

In stock form is had a 3.0 liter 16 valve normally aspirated engine rated at 236hp. I drove this one around in stock form for a couple of years before succumbing to the urge to ‘make it better’. I have been building performance engines for a while so, at least to me, it only made sense to build an interesting engine for the 968. 

Very few stock parts left! The stock block was modified for lower compression pistons, custom connecting rods and a windage tray. The cylinder head has been ported with custom high temp alloy valves, custom springs, Titanium retainers and a custom designed cam drive system that allows for adjustment of both cams. The induction system has been completely changed with the addition of a Garret GTX35R turbo, custom intake & exhaust manifolds, intercooler and piping, Tial wastegate and blow off valves as well as many mods to support the turbo installation. In addition to that the engine management is being handled by a Haltech ‘standalone’ computer system. I have built similar race engines that have made 596hp at 15 psi of boost –and they are capable of running over 20psi of boost.

This engine was first fired up in early January and the whole project is on track to be complete for spring. Hopefully it will be at many CNY events this year. I’ll be the guy smiling behind the wheel!
DSC00214 (1024x576)

Here is the front view of the engine – since the intercooler is now in the way of the stock latch I had to design and CNC some billet aluminum hood latch supports. You can see  a lot of custom parts that were made to get all this stuffed into the engine compartment.

DSC00217 (1024x576)

Side view – the gauge in the lower right corner reads the fuel pressure which is adjusted with the red fuel pressure regulator right next to it. The ignition coils are located behind the engine on an aluminum support. The ignition system is now a coil pre cylinder design.

DSC00227 (1024x576)

The big picture…a lot of stuff!

DSC00194 (2) (1024x576)

This is what the new engine management system wiring looks like inside the car…its not of the faint of heart!!