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Get your 914Rubber 2022 calendar featuring one of CNYPCA’s own!

Yep, that’s right, yours truly. For twenty bucks, you can get 12 months of Porsche 914s but one month is extra special.

These are portrait oriented 11″ x 8.5″ calendars featuring images of different 914s submitted by 914Rubber customers! Each Calendar month also features a one-time use discount code for your first order of that month!

Get yours here: https://914rubber.com/914rubber-2022-914-calendar

Annual Holiday Toys for Tots Party!

Oneida Brew House – Our annual Holiday Party to benefit Toys for Tots scheduled was Saturday, December 4th, 2021! We had 23 signed up to attend and that was enough to hold the party.  For those in attendance, thank you! All either brought an unwrapped gift or donated money for the club to purchase gifts. Buffet Luncheon included; Chili, Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Tossed Salad, Mac & Cheese, Assorted Wraps (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef), Soda, Coffee, Water as well as homemade cookies provided by club members.

Zone 1 – PCA Getaway

We are hoping that there are more members in Zone One that are looking for the fun filled weekend getaway. Why not join us in Saratoga at the Gideon Putnam Hotel. Please let your members know that there are still vacancies. https://emailer3.pca.org:443/UploadFiles/Theweekendgetawayisback21.docx

CNYPCA Apparel

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2021 EuroCar Show

Fathers’ Day this year was hot but man, the cars were really cool! The EuroCar Show had about 350 cars on display at the Lafayette Apple Festival venue. The EuroCar Club had the most cars on display but CNYPCA got the award for Most Cars from Another Club!  We got a blue ribbon for showing up with our 35 different Porsches. And to top it off, CNY member Jim Rockdashil, of Constantia, NY won the European Pre-1996 concour event with his pristine 1986 Guards Red 944 Turbo. Way to go Jim! He led the winners’ parade. Other first-place ribbons to Porsches were: Brad Hall for air-cooled models and Jeanette Malfitano for water-cooled models. The CNYPCA logo was well displayed and mentioned by the announcer as he thanked all the organizations that helped to sponsor the event. The Apple Festival Venue was a great place to hold this event.  I have a hunch it’ll be there again next year as well. If you missed it this year, you missed a good one but next year will be better. The EuroCar Club is already starting to plan for next year.

Opportunity to Drive on Track!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive your Porsche on a racetrack but didn’t really want shell out $400 – $600 + expenses for a weekend HPDE to find out? Or, maybe you have an older Porsche that you used to drive on the track but found that as time marched on and cars got faster and faster, you were spending a lot of your track time watching your mirrors and driving with one hand because you were constantly giving passing signals with your other hand to the faster cars that appeared in your mirrors. Either of these scenarios would be enough to keep many Porschephiles  off the racetrack but here is an opportunity that may change your mind.

A group of guys from the Rochester area have formed an LLC called Doghouse Track Days (DTD). Their target audience are people like I described above. They have put together a program that is run mid-week (to keep expenses down) at track near Oneanta, NY called New York Safety Track (NYST). They have scheduled the track for 2 days in July, August, and September. They have structured the run groups so that you will be on-track with other drivers of similar skill and horsepower. And, you can sign-up for one or two days, your choice. However, what they also are doing is providing a “Touring” group. Here is where those who are not sure if they even want to drive on the track can get a taste at reduced speeds and without helmets.  Drivers who sign up for this Touring option will get to drive their own car on the track twice during the day and have the opportunity to ride with an instructor in one of the open track sessions. The price for the Touring group is only $100.  

So here’s an idea; How about CNYPCA put together a tour to the NYST.  We could leave early in the morning on one of the days that DTD has scheduled the track. We would drive there, as a group, taking some beautiful and twisty roads. Once there, those who signed up, can take their touring laps around the track, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Everyone could then drive home whenever and however they choose. 

If you think this would be something you would be interest to do let me know. If you would like to help plan this trip let me know that as well. I planned the last tour to NYST so somebody else should plan the next one, but I can help.  The dates that DTD has the track are on their website under the EVENTS then SCHEDULES. So check out their website at https://doghousetrackdays.com . Let me know what you think. Should we do a day and if so when? (For me Aug. or Sep. is better but maybe not for you) 

Rush Pond


Test and Tune with Porsche 914s – YouTube

2021 CNYPCA Food Drive – Results

You know how I’m always quoting the PCA motto, “It’s not just the cars, It’s the people”.  

Well, the results from our FOOD DRIVE that we had on Saturday proves it. We had 31 cars that donated 150 lbs. of food and $2230.00 to the Food Bank of Central New York.  That equates to 6815 meals that needy families would not otherwise be getting! I am so proud to be associated with you people, it brings tears to my eyes! Really. Thank you so much for coming out and for being so generous. And thanks to everyone who helped to make this event a great success. 

Rush Pond

CNYPCA, President

HPDE Drivers – Time to Check Your Helmet!

Every 5 years, SNELL updates the helmet ratings and we all panic. What SNELL rating is my helmet? Is it a SA2010 or a SA2015? Well, the SA2020 helmets are out and it’s time to pull those liners back and check again!

From PCA’s website under Drivers Education Minimum Standards (https://www.pca.org/drivers-education-minimum-standards), “All car occupants must wear a Snell approved helmet, which has the current available Snell rating or the one previous Snell rating.” This means that the only acceptable helmets for PCA HPDE events for 2021 must carry a SA2015 or SA2020 Snell rating.

PCA regions will be checking helmets at their events during the registration check-in and/or safety inspection and turning away participants whose helmet is out of date. Don’t be disappointed at the track, pull out your helmet now and check the Snell rating!