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Art in Motion, Porsche Club Meet and Greet

What: Art in Motion, Porsche Club Meet and Greet

When: Friday, August 2, 2019 (after 4:30 – check with Dina for details)

Where: State St., Binghamton NY (between Henry St and Lewis St)

What: In conjunction with August First Friday Art Walk in Binghamton, NY, CNYPCA is hosting ‘Art in Motion’ featuring Porsches. The Red Barn Creative Team has donated signage (Thank you, Jon Layish) for you to properly display your Art. Please click on this link (https://forms.gle/8LncWK39YxjqBp1LA)  and fill out the short form for signage. The form must be filled out before 9:00pm on Sunday, July 28 in order to guarantee a sign. Signs for forms filled out after this date will be created if possible. The City of Binghamton will be closing State St. (between Henry St and Lewis St) and all of the Porsches will be parked on State St for display. Please contact Dina Layish (dina.layish@gmail.com) if you have any questions.


PS: Don’t forget your name tags.

CNY at NY Safety Track – Dine & Drive

Here are some great pics from this past weekends Dine & Drive event at the NY Safety Track.

Thanks to Tom Stantz and the Lermans for some great pics!

Results from Eurocar 2019


Eurocar 2019 was very British as it rained all day. The attendance was less than half that of last year with only ten Porsches on the show field. Porsches won the following awards:


Air-cooled Porsches- 1st place, Brad Hall, 356


Water-cooled Porsches- 1st place, Rich Ertinger, 928

2nd place, Teddy Lough, 944

3rd place, Dick Jeffers, Boxster


Premier Concours- 2nd place, Rich Ertinger, 928


A Land-Rover and a local farmer’s tractor were needed to help several vehicles exit the field.

nomination form

CNY PCA Officials Nomination Form 2019

Please click on the above link to get a ‘fill in the blank’ nomination form. Return the completed form to Ballot@cnypca.org

Cantech Cars & Coffee

Clayton Concours

upcoming events

Dear Fellow CNYPCA Members,

Summer is upon us, YEAH!  With summer come CNYPCA events for us all to enjoy. Most of us cannot make it to all the events but hopefully we can attend most. There are 2 events coming up that are being catered AND being paid for by the club (free to you). As such we need to provide the caterers with a head-count to ensure there is enough food for everyone to enjoy.

On July 20th we are doing a Touring event we are calling a “Drive and Dine”.  This is going to be a Multi-region event as we will be doing it in conjunction with our neighboring region to the east, Hudson Champlain Region. The plan is for CNY members to drive, as a group, to the New York Safety Track near Oneonta, NY. We’ll arrive between 11 – 11:30. HCR will be doing the same from the east. We will have a parking area designated for our two regions. At about noon motorcycle racing will stop (for lunch) and we will be escorted by Pacecar onto the track for a few touring laps to see the course. After the touring laps we will convene for a catered lunch at the track. The cost for lunch will be $20/person. However, in an effort to encourage your participation the CNY Board has agreed to pay for all CNY Members’ lunches. So once again we would like to have a rough idea of how many will be attending this event to ensure there is enough food for everybody to enjoy. After lunch we will tour back to the Syracuse area via Norwich. I’m told there is a great car museum there, so that will likely be a stop on the way home. Please let us know if you will be joining us by emailing our Events Chair, Steve Lehrman, at slermey@aol.com

On August 10th we will be having a family picnic at Bob’s BBQ in Homer, NY.  Again, in an effort to encourage your participation, the CNY Board has agreed to pay for all our meals. Once again, we would like to have a rough idea of how many will be attending this event to ensure there is enough food for everybody to enjoy. The rain date for this will be the following Saturday 8/17. Please let us know if you will be joining us by emailing our Events Chair, Steve Lehrman, at slermey@aol.com

We hope to see you at all these events. Thank you for your participation and your notification.

Rush Pond, VP CNYPCA

Cobweb Concours Results

Here are all the participants and winners for the cobweb concours


356 / 914

  1. Bill Noroski 54  356C     Second place
  2. Bill Noroski 58 356 A       First Place
  3. Jack Vasina 70 914          Third Place
  4. 61.  Tom Buswell  58 VW Bus

Late    911                             99 and up

  1. Bill Noroski 997 Club Coupe  Third Place
  2. Marc Franco 16 Turbo           Second Place
  3. Dennis Hesse 01 911 Turbo
  4. JoePatane 00 911
  5. 66. John Vose 12 911
  6. Marc Maltifano 04 Turbo
  7. David Gauthier 17 91 Carerra
  8. David Dilello 03 99 Carrera
  9. 64. Xi Yang                   18 911
  10. Kent Hubbell 09 911S
  11. Marc Maltafano 18 Targa 4S
  12. Marc Maltafano 16 GT3RS    First Place
  13. Tim Alexander       13 911 Cab 4

Early 911  up to + 1998

  1. William Kritzler 69 911
  2. David Cooley 75 911
  3. Glen George 74 911 S          Second Place
  4. Jon Layish 86 911
  5. Lola Collection 78 911 Turbo       First Place
  6. Marc Maltafano 98 911 C2S        Third Place
  7. Peter Corn               85 911 Carrera
  8. Sanjay Kanubhai 09 911 4S

968 -94- 928-924

  1. Geritt Wistrup 85 944    First Place
  2. Gil Wistrup 86 944 Turbo
  3. Art Vanore 95  968              Third Place
  4. Waly Swenton 94 968
  5. Shawn Wagoner 86 944 Turbo   Second Place

Panamera/ Macan / Cayenne

  1. Joan Warner 13 Cayenne Diesel    Second
  2. Bill Kohnke 14 Cayenne                Third
  3. Jeanette Malfitano 18 Macan First
  4. Jim Raite 17 Panamera

Boxster and Cayman

  1. Chip Morris 99 Boxster
  2. Mike Barb Sastra 13 Boxster     First
  3. Joe Whitehead 99 Boxster
  4. Dick Jeffers 01 Boxster      Co-Third
  5. Wm Wayman 13 Boxster
  6. Bob Graham 08 Boxster S
  7. Doug Schrank 16 Cayman GTS    Second
  8. Rush Pond 10 Cayman S
  9. Jim & Janice King 06 Cayman S
  10. Luke Schuon 18 Cayman
  11. Bill Peterson 06 Boxster
  12. Bob Keller 718 Cayman
  13. Bruce Donahue 16  Cayman GT4
  14. Thak Chaloemtiarana 14 Cayman
  15. 68. Terry Gilbert           06 Cayman
  16. Tyler Stevenson 02 Boxster
  17. Dave Zube 04 Boxster
  18. Jerry Jakup 99mBoxster
  19. Tony Montesano 99 Boxster
  20. Richard Blesh 07 Cayman S Co  Third
  21. Jim Dewey 06 Cayman

Eurocar 2019

Its coming soon! Great event that we should all attend – and bring our cars!

Sylvan Beach Cruise in

Another cruise in to add to your list of car stuff to do!