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New Members – Sept 2023 thru March 2024

Krzysztof Dziura – Sept 2023
Mark Martino – Sept 2023
John King – Sept 2023
Sanchay  Madan – Oct 2023
Ivan Antonevich – Oct 2023
Frank Anechiarico – Nov 2023
Karl  Button  – Dec 2023
Brad Carvellas – Jan 2023
Benjamin  Berner – Jan 2023
Stew Melville- Mar 2023

Observation Report for April 7th 2024

Twenty-four hours before the celestial spectacle of the total eclipse, the CNYPCA congregated to inaugurate the opening of Watkins Glen Speedway in their signature style – with a spirited rally. Despite a crisp chill in the air, the sun radiated warmth and brightness, setting the perfect tone for the occasion. Gathering at Kohls in Ithaca, twenty vehicles convened where the day’s regulations and routes were meticulously outlined. A diverse array of Porsches, ranging from the classic 914 to the timeless 911s, adorned the gathering. Notably, the convoy was led by an unconventional “cousin,” the Audi R8, adding a dash of variety to the mix. Blessed with picturesque routes winding through the majestic mountains between Watkins Glen and Ithaca, the kickoff to the 2024 season couldn’t have been more auspicious. Upon arrival at Watkins Glen Speedway, the group was greeted with open arms and whisked on an exhilarating tour of the race track. With a blend of novice enthusiasts and seasoned drivers, the convoy followed the pace car with gusto, embodying the essence of those fortunate enough to grace Watkins Glen’s hallowed grounds. Undoubtedly, this spirited start marks the beginning of yet another remarkable year for CNYPCA enthusiasts.

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New Members – July 2023

Rudy J. Gadziala
Mohammad Walid Bin Shoaib Sheikh
Tamkeen Waleed
Mark R. Andrews

New Members – June 2023

Betsy Cabrey
Andrew Aylward
Thuan Loi
Louis Licari
Kristy Licari
Michael Bower
Joseph Dunne
Jason Uhlig
Chad Wilcox
Garrett Krieger
Kristi Krieger

Treffen at Sea

May 2023 Porsche Parade Flyer

New Members – April 2023

John Ober
Alexander Gilbert

New Members – March 2023

Charles Love
Eric Krohn
Jessica Krohn
Serdar Atav
Malcolm Gunter

New Members – February 2023

Mark Franklin