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CNY PCA Annual Banquet

CNY PCA Annual Banquet

Chris Whitepresident@cnypca.org

On November 16th a good sized group of the CNY Porsche Club got together for the Annual Meeting and Banquet at the Hathaway House near McGraw. We were treated to the usual fine dinner that the Hathaway House has become famous for. This is one of CNY events that everybody looks forward to each year.

The event was MC-ed by Sue Penny who did a fine job keeping everything on track.

Wayne Kunkel help with trophy presentation and recounted the years autocross events as well as the photography contest awards.

Steve Turco and Mike Darminio came forward to present the nominees for the two club positions that were up for election – President and vice President. Chris White was elected President and Brian Daley was elected Vice President/Activities

As part of the event we were treated to a recap of the happenings during the past year. Trophies were presented for the following categories (complete winners list is in an earlier post – Click Here https://cnypca.org/annual-awards-2013/ )

  • Rally
  • Autocross
  • Most events attended
  • Longest distance travel to events
  • Photo Contest (normal and digitally enhanced)
  • Porsche crafts

We also covered the clubs business for the year.

Barbara Connelly gave a presentation of the Charity Committee work for the year and the selection of next year’s charity.

Bruce Donahue recounted the clubs finances for the year

After the awards were given out Chris White gave a Powerpoint presentation focusing on the achievement of Gene Raymondi. Gene finished 1st place for Zone 1 in PCA club racing E stock class. (Click here to see the presentation https://cnypca.org/gene-raymondi-takes-1st-place-in-zone-1-for-2013/ )

At the end of the evening we were all treated to another CNY tradition – a finely sung song from Jimmy James.

Here are some great photos of the event taken by Tom Stantz and Wayne Kunkel – Thanks Tom and Wayne!

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Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed – An event for every Porsche lover

Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed – An event for every Porsche lover
Anna Wisniewska

In November I visited the ‘Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed’ exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art. My first thought on hearing about it was that it would be worth visiting, but common sense told me that it was foolish to go all that way to look at a few cars. However, a little voice inside kept insisting that this was something I should make the effort to do. I’m extremely grateful to that little voice!

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This exhibition is a one of a kind event, which probably won’t be repeated, and you’re unlikely to see a more impressive collection of Porsches outside the Porsche Museum in Germany.

The NCMA is a large, impressive museum in a rural setting outside Raleigh, easily reached from the airport. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and photography is encouraged. The Porsche exhibit consists of 21 cars in a separate building and another (the 1965 Type 356C Cabriolet owned by Janis Joplin) in the main museum.

The layout is excellent, consisting of several large rooms, which allow plenty of space between cars so that you can admire them from near or far. Each car is beautifully displayed on a plinth and is accompanied by text panels containing a brief specification and extensive historical notes. There are seating areas where you can relax and watch the videos on the wall or listen to engine sounds. Upstairs there is a theater where you can watch a medium-length movie on the history of Porsche.
The first car you see as you enter the exhibit is a 1938 Type 64 Berlin-Rom Racer, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. This was radical for its time, three were built and this one is a re-creation built using parts from one of the originals.
There follows an immaculate 1949 Type 356 Gmund Coupe, number 17 of approximately fifty built.

The 1953 Type 550 Prototype, number 550-01, is a striking car. It finished second in its class at Le Mans in 1953 (550-02 was first), and after a five year restoration, including a new aluminum body, it won the the Concours de Sport Best of Show at Amelia Island in 2005.

My favorite was probably the 1965 Type 904/6 Prototype, it was absolutely breathtaking. The 904 was the last sports-racing iteration of the 356 series, as well as the last full-competition Porsche that could be readily street-driven. It was hard to tear myself away from this car, it is so elegant and has so many beautiful features.

Another favorite was the 1962 Type 804 Formula 1 car, you’ll guess that I’m partial to the race cars!

An unusual exhibit was the 1969 Type 917 16-Cylinder Spyder Prototype. It never ran in competition but was used extensively for testing. With its horizontally opposed flat 16 DOHC engine, it was rather impressive.

The 1977 Type 935, nicknamed ‘Baby’, was the lightest 911 ever made. This was partly due to a special engine, a tubular aluminum space frame and titanium controls. It was so light that the engineers had to add weight to meet the minimum requirement (1700 pounds).
Another beauty is the 1968 Type 908k Prototype. This model was built for Le

Mans, and one finished third there in 1968. The one on display was a Porsche factory race car and is thought to be one of five short-tail prototypes existing. The current owner still races it in vintage events.
An exhibition such as this wouldn’t be complete without an original 911. This 1963 Type 901 Prototype is one of the few surviving 901s, of approximately 80 produced.
An unusual car was the 1989 Panamericana Concept Car.

Presented to Ferry Porsche on his 80th birthday, it has various innovative features, such as a continuous roll bar, a transparent fabric top with 5 different settings from open to closed, and Porsche crest logos carved into the tire treads.
The final car in the main exhibit is a 2010 Type 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car Prototype, developed in conjunction with the Williams Formula 1 racing team. It uses their KERS technology, which reuses kinetic energy stored in a spinning flywheel rather than a battery.

In the interests of space I have omitted many beautiful cars, but they are all well worth seeing – you should go, you won’t regret it (I may have to go again in January).
The exhibition runs until January 20th, closed Mondays, Tuesday afternoons are the quietest time. Details are at:



Hybrid Panamericana Tire Type550 16Cylinder 908kProto 9046Proto Building Formula1

Brian Daley – Activities Update

CNY PCA Activities Update

Submitted by: Brian Daley, VP / Activities Director – Activities@cnypca.org

Greetings fellow CNYers! As you may know Chris White was elected President and I Vice President at our recent Annual Banquet. I am looking forward to working with Chris, Joyce Gladle – Immediate Past president, Sue Penny – Secretary and Bruce Donohue – Treasurer. It has been quite a while since I’ve added my two cents to our Club’s newsletter or website. My life has taken a few twists and turns since then so please allow me this opportunity to catch up. I sold my insurance agency on 11/30/2011 and have entered into voluntary unemployment. After a few trips to sunnier and warmer climes I began my current semi-career dabbling in real estate. My first project was the rehab of a foreclosed property I bought at auction. Learned a lot, made a little. Second is an ongoing long-termer. I bought a neglected gem on the north shore of Oneida Lake. Some day (hopefully in my lifetime) it will be a place to relax by the shore in the shade reading a book or paddling with my grandson in and around the nooks and crannies of the shoreline. The one I’m winding up now is a spec. house on the Oswego River north of Fulton. This is a partnership with another CNYer who will remain nameless for now because he doesn’t know I’m writing this. These activities have reduced my time available for Club events including track days but things seem to be calming down and I’m looking forward to getting back at it.

Which leads me to Activities – As you know we have a variety of events scheduled throughout the year designed to attract members of differing tastes. Some like cleaning their cars and showing them, others prefer driving them hard enough to get them dirty (brake dust from the track, road grit from rallies). Many prefer the social events like the family picnic or a new members breakfast for instance. The point is we strive to provide something for everyone. If you look at our Calendar Of Events for 2013 you’ll

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see at least one event per month and in several months there are multiple opportunities to join your Porsche friends for some sort of gathering. Your Board of Directors recently had their second meeting since the election and among other topics on our itinerary was a discussion of how we can broaden our activities to include even more members. Are we offering the type of thing that YOU are interested in? If not would you be willing to tell us what that is? We are looking forward to 2014 with hopes that we can provide the kind of events and activities that will encourage YOU to join in if you aren’t an active member. Not in every event or activity of course but at least one, two three maybe?

Our Annual Planning Meeting has sketched out a plan for the tried and true events that CNYers have come to love and expect but that doesn’t mean we can’t improvise around that schedule. If you have an idea that interest you my guess is there will be more than a few others that would love to meet up and join in. Have a favorite road that brings out the best in you and your Porsche? Why not share it with some of your fellow members. A favorite watering hole that has good food and maybe a special brew? My guess is a few of us might be willing to jump in our cars and meet you there sometime. Maybe you know a diner that has the best corned beef hash you ever had (I actually found this place a few months ago) – a good reason for a road trip on a Saturday or Sunday morning in my book!

Please give it some thought and help us make 2014 the best year of celebrating our cars and Porsche friends we’ve ever had. Contact any one of us via our emails or phone numbers. We are here to make your Club what you want it to be.

Hope you enjoyed the Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

Additional post for Jim Ball

Carolyn Noroski Stillman sent in a nice addition to Jim Ball’s eulogy – Chris White – president@cnypca.org

I have wonderful memories of Ball family.  The times I was in their company were mostly Porsche events.  I was so lucky over the years to observe the wonderful friendship between Jim and Gloria and my parents.  I’m sure that is part of the reason I own a Porsche today.   They were the kind of friends I wanted to share a special bond with and keep as friends for years.  I can see their home in Cortland in my mind, along with a Mercedes and of course, that red speedster!  Special times and special people.

May you all celebrate Jim’s life with great stories, laughter and tears.

“When you were born, you cried & the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries & you rejoice.” –White Elk.
Today, we cry.   And Jim Ball rejoices as he is reunited with the love of his life, Gloria.

Carolyn Noroski Stillman

Annual Awards – 2013

At the Annual Dinner Banquet CNY PCA handed out the various awards for the deserving members that earned them over the course of the year. Chris White – President

Here is a listing of those awards:


Winter Rally

  1. Randy Martin & Debra Bynes
  2. Chuck & Joyce Gladle
  3. Colin & Sue Penny
  4. Wayne & Linda Kunkel

Spring Rally

  1. Chuck & Joyce Gladle
  2. Bob & Josh Fisher
  3. Tom Stantz & Wayne Knitter

Fall Rally

  1. Carol & Bruce Parker
  2. Steve & Lexi Lerman and Mark Schultz (tie)
  3. Bob & Josh Fisher and Jarry Jakaub & Jennifer Alexander
  4. Colin & Sue Penny
  5. Jim Amodio & Tony Mondo
  6. Angelo Antonello & Tony Mondo
  7. Jenni & Ed Gratien


Bill Noroski


Art Vanore


Bill Noroski

Digitally Enhanced Photo

Jennifer Alexander


Bill Noroski


A Stock

1.Wayne Kunkel (996)

2. Burt Markowitz (996) & Tom Stantz (996), tie

B Stock

1. Rich Pschirrer (993)

2. Bob Fisher (993)

C Stock

1. Jim Van Norstrand (Boxster)

2. Mike Charnetsky (944 S2) & Bill Kohnke (914), tie

3. Chuck Gladle (911)

C Street Prepared

1. Stan Deforest (914)

E Stock

1. Al Deluca (944)

Super Stock

1. John Manring (997)

Super Modified II

1.Chris Heiselman (GT3-RS)

2. Don Fitterer (Turbo 997)


B Stock

1. Sallie Jameson (Boxster S)

C Stock

1. Joyce Gladle (911)


Passing of N James Ball

New_Image (600x800)J BallChuck Glade sent me this fine eulogy for Jim Ball to post on the web site. He will be missed by many. If anybody else would like to add to this please feel free to send me pictures or comments and I will update this post as they come in. – Chris White – President@cnypca.org




In the early morning hours of December 7 the CNY region lost a great friend and leader and many in the Porsche Club of America will take notice of the passing of N. James Ball. Jim was everything of quality that all of us viagra7-pharmacycanada seek in a fellow member and from the early 1960’s through to this day our departed friend and his beautiful family was interwoven into the fabric of this region. 


As a long term member, activities director, president and active participant in everything Porsche we were indeed a better group because of his presence. Our hearts and thoughts now are of his son Jim and wife, Michele, and all the members of his family, long time friends and associates will surly miss him.


Joyce and I first made Jim’s acquaintance in 1965 at the start of a rally near his home in Cortland, NY and from that minute until his passing Jim has been a devoted friend and companion. To us he was a father like person, a brother, a teacher and even an idol that we always looked up to and his loss breaks our heart.


Jim was a competitor and in every way his abilities behind the wheels of his many Porsches was always a winner. As a competitor in E production in his SCCA days, an avid driver in hill climb competitions in Pennsylvania and New England, plus numerous DE events and rallies please make note that Jim was always a standout. That goes double for our social events as he was a virtual magnet for all present.


Following the loss of his wonderful wife Gloria Jim soldiered but know this; her loss affected him greatly and all us who were close to him knew that as fact. Now his son James will carry with his dad’s qualities and character and we are fortunate that both he and Michelle are members of CNY today.


I know that so many of our more recent members never had the pleasure of knowing Jim and being with him but never the less I know that you feel the depth and warmth of my words and can appreciate this great loss. Perhaps we all in our own way can take a brief moment and remember Jim Ball.


Thank you,

Charles Gladle – Historian CNY Region PCA

Porsche by Design in Raleigh NC

One of our members, Anna Wisniewska, has shared some information about a great exhibit on Porsche in Raleigh NC. I have hear about this one from several people that have been there – its always described as a ‘don’t miss it’ trip! Chris White – President

Attention all true Porsche enthusiasts

I have just returned from a trip to Raleigh, NC where I visited the Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. I knew this would be a good exhibit, but it greatly exceeded my expectations. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, who truly loves Porsches should see this exhibit.

It consists of 22 legendary, iconic, historically significant, priceless cars, beautifully displayed with descriptive panels, as well as videos and a longer movie showing the history of Porsche. There are 3 cars from the Porsche museum and the others are from collections in the US. The result is a once-in-a-lifetime display, I doubt that its like will be seen again in this country in our lifetime. I didn’t want to leave, to be in close proximity to such incredible cars was really special.

I strongly encourage everyone to see this. If you are traveling south for the winter Raleigh is not much of a detour. If you are not, you should make a special trip, you won’t regret it.

The exhibit is open until January 20th, the museum is easy to get to from Raleigh airport and is open every day except Monday. The people there said that Tuesday afternoon is the quietest time. You need at least 2 hours to properly enjoy it, but 3 or 4 hours would be better. If you still have any energy after seeing the Porsches, the main museum has many beautiful works of art. You can get more information at:

You should go, I’m seriously thinking about going back in January.

Gene Raymondi Takes 1st place in Zone 1 for 2013

Gene Raymondi and his Blue Lightning

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Team worked hard through out the 2013 season to capture the Zone 1 E stock class title.

Please click on the link below to view a copy of the presentation given at the PCA CNY Annual Dinner. Chris White – President


Blue Lightning Racing for web