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Porsche vs Corvette

Mr Darminio has, in his own inimitable fashion, send a special notice over to our friends at the Syracuse Corvette Club regarding the once famous and now recently resurrected Porsche vs Corvette autocross challenge!

After an invitation like that we had better be on our best game for the next event – 8/23/15!   info on Autocross here

From Mike to Corvette Club:

Yes Virginia there was a Corvette Challenge  in the past !


The Porsche factory sent over there top engineer !


And yes there was forced beer drinking ! (After the event ) Losers were given beer to easy the pain !  Yes his shirt reads ” Junk the Porsche’s ”


(Ed Sutton)

Once again at the same track another challenge to take down the mighty fiberglass pigs !  Yes I said it Pigs !  8 cylinders my butt !  Bring it !!!!

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