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Eurocar 2015 results

It was a gloomy day with periods of sun and showers until the deluge hit at about 2:30 PM. However, Porsche pushers stepped up to the bar with 29 on the field (at least 17 PCA members), which was enough to again win the ribbon for “most members from another club.” I will write an article for the newsletter the MG club. My tally is:

Class 17 (pre-1991 911s):

first Gerald Reginelli

second Bob DeLuke

third Mark Singer


Class 18 (pre-1991 all other models):

first Brad Hall

second Mark Baranello

third Pat Rommeraux


Class 23 (post-1991 Porsches):

first Ann Schneiderman

second Joe Pennington

third (Not awarded as almost no ballots were turned inĀ for this class. Apparently most of the assigned judges for this class were among the 36 no-shows or just did not understand the new judging process).