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Charity 944 for sale

I though I would post this one in the ‘Club News’ area since it is a “Charity” car and it looks like its in nice shape. It looks like it would make a great starter or 2nd Porsche…maybe even a track car! No exact price was mentioned but I would bet that it could be had for $3k or maybe even less. Good deal for a nice rust free California car and a check made out to the YMCA may even be a charitable deduction (consult you accountant for an official interpretation on that!)

1983 Porsche 944 for sale by YMCA in Little Falls, NY.  The car was gifted from a donor in California to the YMCA.  The car is located near Little Falls, NY.  It has around 125k miles and is in good condition.  He did drive it and he can be called directly to answer questions.  His name is Frank and his cell number is 315-868-6050.

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