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Eurocar 2018

Eurocar coverage news from Dick Jeffers – thanks to Dick for organizing this for our club!


Eurocar: There were 38 Porsches and 23 VWs on the field, but VW got the award for most club representatives. I think that many VWs who pre-registered did not show up. Also some PCA members probably neglected to note their club affiliation on the registration form. However, there were several Porsches that I did not identify as PCA members. Next year I will try to get PCA applications into the packets of non-members. There was a big problem with cars being put in the incorrect classes. Some Porsches even were classified as VWs! I have volunteered to review all Porsche registrations prior to next year’s event to correct this problem. The official winners list has not been published yet, but I recorded the following (names in brackets are a guess based on what I heard):


Class 14:

1st Bill Noroski 356

2nd Bob Chevako 356

3rd Peter (Korn) 356


Class 15:

1st Mark Malfitano 911 C2S

2nd Glen George 911S

3rd Gerard Reginelli 911S


Class 16:

1sr Mike (Sastra) Boxster

2nd Chad Wilcox 911 Carrera

3rd Mike (Cermo) Cayman S

Rush’s Trip to Road America


by Rush Pond

Just saying those words out loud is enough to make lots of people giddy with excitement. Now add in a few modifiers like, PCA, Road America, HPDE, Friends, and you might just shout, “SIGN ME UP!”  Well that’s what I did last year.

Each year Niagara Region PCA does a “Road Trip”. This is a trip to an HPDE at a track that is not typically traveled to due to its geographical location. Well last year the Road Trip was to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, home of the famous Road America (RA) road course. The trip was set for Labor Day weekend. The HPDE was actually a 4 day event that was being done congruently with a PCA Club Race. As impossible as this might seem, Chicago Region pulled it off flawlessly.  We all got plenty of track time and all the Club Racing went on without a hitch.  Pretty impressive.

RA is a special place for me. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and have fond memories of going to the CanAm races there with my Dad, and brothers. Later I would go there with friends from college. And later, when I got my 914-6 and joined PCA, I learned about track driving at RA. It became my “home” track. It had been a long time since I’d driven at RA so I was pumped!  Since I had driven RA many times in the past, the others in our group were kinda looking to me for advice. My advice was, “Don’t drive too fast, too fast”. That became our “mantra” for the weekend.

We were a group of seven, two of which were also Club Racers. Everyone, except for me, trailered their cars out to Road America. It was a long 15 hour trip for me. I got to the track just in time for final Tech Inspection at 6:40 pm the night before the event. (PHEW, that first beer sure tasted good!)  We rented a (VRBO) house in New Holstein for the weekend and commuted to the track.

This was considered an Advanced HPDE meaning you had to be approved as being an advanced DE driver in order to be considered for the event. Local instructors were available to show you the way around the course if you wanted a little help. But basically, we were on our own to learn how to drive the track safely.  The HPDE was held in conjunction with the PCA Club Race and spanned the full 4-days of Labor Day weekend. The weather was good (most of the time) and we learned the track quickly. We followed each other and paid attention to the lines the locals were driving. RA is a WONDERFUL track. It has every kind of challenge a road course could offer and it is huge. The course itself is over 4 miles long with 14 turns and lots of elevation changes. The track surface is smooth and well maintained. The Chicago Region members were very accommodating and friendly. The bratwurst is the best – period. We even had bratwurst breakfast sandwiches. Oh Baby!!! In the evening we dined at local restaurants and resorts which were excellent. PCA put on a great buffet on Saturday night at Seibkins Resort.

On Friday night we happened to find a shop in the Village of Elkhart Lake called The Throttle Stop. The shop had closed for the day but as we peered into the windows we could not believe our eyes. It was like looking into a museum full of exotic cars and motorcycles. We went back the next day when they were open and discovered that everything was for sale! We’re talking Porsches, BMWs, Vipers, Fords, a ’57 Corvette, Mercedes, Camaros, Jags and racks and racks of all types of motorcycles. They were all perfect and they were all for sale! (See photos) It was unbelievable that a company with all these amazing cars and motorcycles was nestled into a side street in this little Village of Elkhart Lake. What a treat for us!  Check them out at   www.thethrottlestop.com

Well we had perfect weather for 3 days. Since everyone else was pulling trailers they left on Monday morning (Labor Day) in order to get through Chicago before the holiday traffic got too bad. I elected to stay Monday and drive one or two sessions. But just as I was about to enter the track it began to rain. My rear tires were quite worn and I didn’t want to push my luck on the track so I bailed out.  My plan all along was to drive 40 minutes over to Manitowoc, WI and catch the SS Badger Car Ferry over to Ludington, MI.  Not being in a big hurry to get home and not wanting to deal with the traffic between Wisconsin and Chicago on Labor Day – my plan was to take the ferry across Lake Michigan to Ludington. It was delightful. The trip across the lake took 4 hours and was very relaxing. There was a restaurant, a bar, a (free) movie theater, a little museum, and plenty of room to move around and to sit or take a nap.  And the before you know – you’re in Michigan. I drove a few more hours, overnighted in Flint and then continued on home the next day via Canada.  A great Road Trip with a great bunch of guys.

This year the Road Trip is to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They have a road course in the infield of the main track which utilizes the front straight of the speedway.  Sounds like fun to me. I’m going and will file a trip report after I get back.













8-19-17 Autocross Results

8/13/17 autocross at Lafayette Motorsports Park

Auto X results

CNY Autocross @ Lafayette Motorsports Park

DSC_1676 (1024x683) DSC_1603 (1024x683) DSC_1541 (1024x683) DSC_1660 (1024x683) DSC_1718 (1024x683) DSC_1700 (1024x683) DSC_1580 (1024x683) DSC_1688 (1024x683) DSC_1752 (1024x683) DSC_1722 (1024x683) DSC_1723 (1024x683) DSC_1545 (1024x683) DSC_1547 (1024x683) DSC_1618 (1024x683) DSC_1699 (1024x683) DSC_1726 (1024x683) DSC_1707 (1024x683) DSC_1767 (1024x683) DSC_1447 (1024x683) DSC_1585 (1024x683) DSC_1468 (1024x683) DSC_1674 (1024x683) DSC_1683 (1024x683) DSC_1666 (1024x683) DSC_1569 (1024x683) DSC_1526 (1024x683) DSC_1621 (1024x683) DSC_1645 (1024x683) DSC_1480 (1024x683) DSC_1758 (1024x683) DSC_1759 (1024x683) DSC_1564 (1024x683) DSC_1639 (1024x683)

Fall Tour Report

Thanks to Doug Schrank for all his efforts – here is his report on the fall tour

CNY Porsche Club Fall Tour

A group of (8) cars made a scenic drive to Pennsylvania for this years Fall tour. The first (5) cars met at the Lafayette McDonalds and paraded to the Binghamton Cracker Barrel for a light lunch where we met (3) cars from the South. After lunch, we drove a combination of Rt. 81, 11 and some back roads to reach the Lackawanna Coal mine outside of Scranton. It was cold and dark down that 190-foot mineshaft, but many including myself, had never been in a mine before. After several caution and red lights, we did keep the cars together through the Scranton rush hour and made our way to the Bartonsville Hampton Inn. Stopped in Nicholson to view the Tunkhannock Viaduct, the highest and largest concrete railway bridge in North America capable of carrying the load of two trains at once. After a very frantic shopping trip and a quick pizza and sub take out order, we just managed to spread everything out as the first of our group arrived at the meeting room at 6:30 exactly.

An interesting thing about buying beer in Pennsylvania, the most any one person can purchase at once is a 12 pack and it must be paid for in the beer section. Luckily there were three of us and so we were able to get the amount we needed, but only after showing our ID’s, paying for each purchase separately and waiting while the cashier carefully wrapped each 12 pack individually.

With Happy Hour finally underway and everyone in attendance, we enjoyed mostly beer, some wine and other snacks, pizza and subs and a full bottle of Glenlivet 12 year old scotch. Thank you Bill!!

The Hampton Inn was fabulous, and believe it or not, our check inn clerk’s name was Porsche.

Saturday we attended the Autumn Timber Fest at Shawnee Mountain ski resort outside of Stroudsburg. The roads up and back to the ski area were nice and winding and enjoyed by all. The Timber festival was not crowded and easy to get around and included lumberjack competition, chainsaw and blacksmith demos, K9 competition and pig/goat races. We had food from the several lunch trucks and a few beers and back to the hotel for a well deserved nap.

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Longhorns Steakhouse in Bartonsville, which was just across the street. We had a very large group of (16) and they get very busy on Saturdays around 6 pm, but they seated us all in the same section at three tables.

After Sunday morning breakfast and checkout, we drove along the Delaware watergap to Port Jervis and then along the Delaware river back to NY. Again, the Pennsylvania roads did not disappoint with lots of curves and a few open stretches for higher speeds. It was a little cool but it never rained and the foliage was very beautiful.

Cobweb Concours Results

Results from the COBWEB CONCOURS sponsored by Burdick Porsche


Late 911

1- Bill Noroski, 911 Club Coupe

2- Tyler Stephenson, 911 Turbo

3- Rich Pschirrer, 911 (993)


Early 911

1- Dave Cooley, 1975 911

2- Bill Kritzler, 1969 911 S

3- Jim Ball Jr., 1980 911SC



1-, Dave Tagg, 1988 944 Turbo

2-, Gerrit Wistrup, 1985.5 944

3-, Chris Frye, 1978 924 LTD


356, 914

1-, Bill Noroski, 1959 356A

2-, Bill Noroski, 1965 356

3-, Bob Chevako


Boxster & Cayman

1-, Doug Schrank, Cayman GTS

2-, Dick Jeffers, 2001 Boxster

3-, Bob Graham, 2008 Boxster S


Grand Champion, Masters Class

Brad Hall, 1964 356C

Eurocar 2015 results

It was a gloomy day with periods of sun and showers until the deluge hit at about 2:30 PM. However, Porsche pushers stepped up to the bar with 29 on the field (at least 17 PCA members), which was enough to again win the ribbon for “most members from another club.” I will write an article for the newsletter the MG club. My tally is:

Class 17 (pre-1991 911s):

first Gerald Reginelli

second Bob DeLuke

third Mark Singer


Class 18 (pre-1991 all other models):

first Brad Hall

second Mark Baranello

third Pat Rommeraux


Class 23 (post-1991 Porsches):

first Ann Schneiderman

second Joe Pennington

third (Not awarded as almost no ballots were turned in for this class. Apparently most of the assigned judges for this class were among the 36 no-shows or just did not understand the new judging process).



2015 Cobweb Concours Results

2015 Cobweb Concours Results

I’d like to thank all the CNY members who again came out in record fashion to the Cobweb Concours. This year surpassed last year in both attendance and Porsche turnout. We had 40 Porsches on display and 57 members joined in the fun and festivities. My special thanks on behalf of CNY-PCA goes to the staff at Burdick, Drivers Village for making this an event we all look forward to. Kent Appleby always tops the previous year with this year being no exception. The theme was German cars, German food and no one was disappointed. Give always, music and trophies are greatly appreciated. Please note this has been an ongoing Concours with Burdick for over 20 years. Please thank a staff member at Drivers Village when you can. Listed below are the results. Thank you all again and I look forward to next year with you !
Steve Turco

Grand Champion-  Thak  Chaloemtiarana.    914-6

Late 911
1st- M. Malfitano.  2010 GT3 RS
2nd-J. Malfitano. 2004 911 Turbo
3rd- B. Noroski. 2006 911 Club Coupe

Early 911

1st- J. Vasina. 1986 911 Carrera
2nd- B. Kritzler 1969 911S
3rd- B. Stevens 1986 911 Turbo

Boxster- Cayman

1st- R. Pond 2010 Cayman S
2nd- M. Roddy 2014 Cayman S
3rd-  B. Kohnke. 2011 Cayman S

356 – 914

1st- B. Hall  1964 356C
2nd- B. Noroski 1964 356C
3rd- T. Buswell. 914


1st- M. Wekara. 1994 968 Cab
2nd- B. Daley.  1991 944S2 Cab
3rd- U. Augenreich. 1987 924S

Fall Tour 2014 – a good time had by all!


Fall Tour 2014 – “Car with a view”

The Fall tour was a great success. approximately 30 intrepid CNY members met at Wegmans in Dewitt at 8am on Friday and made their way up thought the Adirondacks to Saranac Lake for a nice lunch at Nona Finas. David and Barbra Tagg selected the lunch stop, they have a summer place just north of Saranac Lake. We had a great Italian buffet with our own dinning area. After a great lunch we all got back underway. The drive through the Adirondacks was very smooth – surprisingly little traffic for peak leaf peeping season!

pictures by Chris White, Tom Stantz and Barbra Conley




We made our way to Jay Peak via some very scenic roads and arrived late afternoon. That gave us all little break before meeting at “HQ Condo” for the welcoming happy hour. Brian and Missy arrived just in time with the libations. Cathie White and Barb Conley bought a great selection of appetizers and snacks….way more than we all could consume! Some folks went over to the main lodge to find a nice place for dinner and some of us just hung out at HQ Condo.


Saturday morning we gathered outside HQ condo for the drivers meeting. there was a little nip in the air but we were all ready to go to Mt Washington.

0015 (853x1280)

0002 (1280x853)

The drive to Mt Washington was the direct route so we could get there quickly and enjoy the drive

up, the view at the top and back down for lunch. The 8 mile drive up the mountain was really nice – amazing views. We all got an early sample of winter walking around the top of Mt Washington, it was about 26 degrees with a little breeze. Frost was everywhere and made for a nice photographic background.

IMG_4755 (2)


0016 (1280x853)



0019 (1280x853)

0047 0048 (1280x853)

Lunch was at the Glen View café at the base of the mountain. the next part of the journey was a pleasant surprise for most of the travelers. The access roads to Jay peak were pretty rough – lots of frost heaves and a lot of the rest of the Vermont roads were not super smooth. I had scoped out a very nice smooth twisty road north of Mt Washington. I believe we all enjoyed a rather spirited half hour dash though the fall foliage. I know there were a lot of smiles at our group dinner that evening!

IMG_4770 IMG_4771

Dinner was nice, the location in the massive ski lodge was nice and the company was great.

On Sunday Morning we all road up the tram to the top of jay peak. At the top we were up in the clouds with an occasional break to see an amazing view. Back down to the base lodge and we were ready for the trip home. Some folks opted for the quick direct route but a small group of us headed back through the north part of the Adirondacks. Dave Tagg treated us to another great lunch stop that we all enjoyed and the rest of the trip back was all done in clear skies with beautiful foliage.

20141012_100512 20141012_100540

0000 (1280x850) 20141012_103610 20141012_103832

0051 (1280x850)

I know I enjoyed the weekend a great deal – the driving was fun, the location was great….but the people were even better!


See you next year!

Chris White

Vintage Weekend at Watkins Glen

Once again the Vintage Weekend at Watkins Glen showcased the full variety of Central New York weather!

Friday was in to the 90’s. Downtown Watkins Glen was full for amazing cars and lots of people. later in the afternoon the race cars came down from the racetrack to drive around the original street course.

Saturday offered the other extreme – it was colder and threatening rain for most of the day. Finally it started raining late in the afternoon. That did not prevent the racers from racing!

On Sunday the weather was absolutely perfect. temps in the 70s and bright sunshine. The racers continued to put on a good show.


For both Saturday and Sunday the CNY and the Niagara region clubs put on a hospitality lunch for the club members at the bus stop. Chris and Cathie White, Ed and Lin Hurd, and Brian Daily from CNY and Rich DeAsis and Kevin and Lynn from Niagara camped out at the end of the bus stop at a group of camp sites that I reserved back in January. This allowed us to set up a nice space for entertaining members of both clubs. Bill Konke bought his scaffolding for our own ‘grandstand’ for a great view of the bus stop. http://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/ At Sunday’s lunch

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we held a tag team tech quiz. Myself, Rich DeAsis and Brian Daily took turns asking tech quiz questions to the group. The quiz took on a CNY vs Niagara competitive turn – we kept track of the people with the correct answers and in the end it was a resounding CNY victory! The questions ranged from very difficult to very humorous.

Sunday afternoon was full of extra treats that seem to happen on a regular basis viagra7-pharmacycanada.com at our camping area. The Pecks brought over Bobby Allison to meet and greet our group. Pictures and autographs for everybody! That visit was followed by a fly by in a seaplane piloted by Cam from Niagara. He was at our camp site in the morning and said he would fly over later and wave. Just when we settling back down (zoloft) Scott Welliver dropped by to see what we were up to. Scott is both a racer (see clomid dosage the Gulf Cayman picture) and the sponsor for the entire race weekend. After that the remaining club members just relaxed for the rest of the day!


The Vasina’s beautiful 911 followed by Heidi with Bill Noroski inside getting ready for their parade lap through the village of Watkins Glen



A accutanegeneric-reviews.com closer look at Heidi on display. Still one of the nicest 356’s around – and it gets driven too!


The “Running of the Bulls”! later on Friday afternoon the races cars http://nexiumonline-generic.com/catalog/Gastrointestinal/Noroxin.htm all come down from the Glen for several laps around the

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original race track -right through the center of the village!


More Porsches driving through the village. The last car in the picture is owned and driven by Scott Welliver – the sponsor of the Vintage Gran Prix, Niagara member and a quite good driver!



After the race cars are done the main street through the village becomes a rather large block party. Still lots of unique cars on display and a big crowd of car fans!




Lunch being grilled and served at the CNY/Niagara camp


Chris White announcing some details about the upcoming Fall Tour to Jay Peak Vermont.


The entire group was working hard at the tech quiz – deep in thought and caught up in the competition!


The fast paced Porsche Tech Quiz team in action. From left to right – Rich DeAsis, Cathie White, Chris White, Brian Daley


And now for some flagyl uses race car photos!

DSC_4029 (1280x853) DSC_4054 (1280x853) DSC_4135 (853x1280) DSC_4141 (1280x853) DSC_4294 (1280x853) DSC_4299 (1280x853) DSC_4336 (1280x853)